Roth high quality BIM design files

The new comprehensive Roth library of BIM (Building Information Modeling) models allows specifiers to create custom drawings with high accuracy and system intelligence for use throughout the building's lifecycle.
The Roth catalogue includes more than 150 BIM product models in the categories pipes, fittings and accessories and manifold cabinets for underfloor heating and domestic water as well as shunts, manifolds and control for underfloor heating systems.

  • More than 150 Roth BIM product models.
  • Free download directly from MagiCAD – also for non-MagiCAD users.
  • Available in DXF and RFA format for AutoCAD and Revit.
  • RFA-models in three levels of details.
  • Contain predefined data e. g. dimensions, ETIM classification and texts in 5 languages.
  • Released continuously through Summer 2020.

Find all Roth BIM models MagiCAD here:

Digital descriptions for all aspects of the physical project
BIM is a rapidly growing method to transform traditional design planning in the construction industry from 2D to 3D environments. But BIM is so much more than that. BIM is a process for creating and managing all information related to a project and ultimately creating an environment that contains digital descriptions for all aspects of the physical project. In doing so, BIM supports every phase of the project's life cycle, even after construction is completed. And because projects are virtually constructed before they are physically built, many inconveniences and problems in the construction process are removed in advance - whether design or construction changes. Having a larger and more detailed overview from the start minimizes costly and time-consuming on-site changes later.

BIM creates an overview of the construction costs, as prices for each element are updated as the details of the construction are clarified. At the same time, it becomes possible to analyze each step in the construction process and assess whether there is money to be gained by working with prefabricated solutions rather than building elements on site. BIM data can also be used to generate production drawings or databases for manufacturing purposes.

Better collaboration and communication
BIM ensures better collaboration and communication, as digital BIM models allow for project model sharing and planning coordination, so that all project stakeholders have insight and access to up-to-date project information - not just in the office, but also in the field where cloud-based solutions and apps ensure real-time access on mobile devices.

Schedules can both be planned and communicated more accurately, and the improved coordination helps projects to be completed on time.

Improving building safety
By the use of detailed logistic planning, visual risk analysis and safety assessments can help ensure that the project is carried out in a safe manner, BIM can help improve building safety by mapping hazards before they become problems.

The information in a model can also be used after the completion of the building, as accurate, continuous digital recording of building information after the building has been commissioned can be collected and processed in building maintenance software throughout the building's lifetime.

All Roth BIM models are available at MagiCAD.