Complete HVAC systems - Roth North Europe is with you all the way

As a market leader in Northern Europe of HVAC systems, Roth has over the last 70 years created a solutions driven approach to deliver our customers with a portfolio of best in class products. Design and development of innovative, environmentally sustainable and market led products, all manufactured in state of the art facilities has ensured that our brand is synonymous with the quality and reliability you expect.

Roth North Europe’s headquarters and service center, located in Frederikssund (40 km outside Copenhagen) comprises of all support functions, logistics and product development for the Nordic, UK and the Baltic countries.
Our distribution strategy offers flexible access for our diverse customer base to the complete Roth product range, available through wholesalers and distributors. Covering the whole of the Northern European region, your business is supported by our professional technical experts and commercial teams who will work collaboratively with you in selecting the optimal HVAC solution.

As an integral part of our service, we also draw up installation proposals, calculations and energy analysis in the following systems:

  • Roth water-borne underfloor heating systems
  • Roth Roth MultiPex® piping system
  • Alu-LaserPlus® piping system
  • Roth SnowFlex® ground heating system

Roth North Europe is a subsidiary of Roth Industries, with headquarters and production facilities in Germany. With an annual turnover in excess of EUR €260m, the Roth Group is one of Europe’s top manufacturers of HVAC systems and employs over 1,300 staff. At the heart of the Roth business is an uncompromising focus on Quality. Not only are our products certificated in accordance with ISO 9001, but compliant with all International testing, monitoring and registration standards and policies.

Roth and the environment
With a passion for environmental sustainability, the Roth Group’s product portfolio is designed to protect the environment and therefore uses environmentally friendly materials, including special plastics.

Quality assurance
Our products are certified according to ISO 9001 and our production processes are tested and certified according to international environmental management standard ISO 14001, which ensures that we test, control and record to ensure optimal product quality.

"Our products are thoroughly tested and compliant with the most stringent requirements and regulations. As a company, we meet the strict requirements and regulations that apply in our markets; in the Nordic and the UK. We are always at the forefront of development in leak proof assembly. "

If you are interested in knowing more about Roth, you can read our image brochure here.