From a small craft business to a market leading international group

The Roth journey started in 1947 in a small workshop with, among others, a production of wash stoves, of which Heinrich Roth was partner and CEO. From 1963, Henrich Roth and his son Manfred took over all the shares in the company, and the development into an international company took off in earnest.

German thoroughness and quality through generations
Product development and increasing internationalization have always been the key to healthy growth in the company, where concepts such as tradition and innovation form the basis for the success the Group has become today.

Today, customers around the world have access to Roth products. We invest a lot of resources to ensure that we always have the best products that meet the high requirements and standards of the market. The systems are primarily produced in Germany and guarantee German thoroughness and quality.

Roth Industries is still owned by the Roth family. Claus-Hinrich Roth, Christin Roth-Jäger and Dr. Anne-Kathrin Roth holds all key positions in Roth Industries and sits on the Executive Board with their father Manfred Roth.

North European anchoring for more than 25 years
Roth North Europe A / S is a subsidiary of Roth Industries GmbH founded in 1997, and with national sales organizations and sales through plumbing wholesalers, our products are easily available throughout the Nordic, the Baltic, and the UK. At our northern European head office and service centre in Frederikssund in Denmark, all joint support functions, logistics and product development are handled for our markets.

Roth North Europe aims at being to be best-in-class in our markets within underfloor heating and pipe systems for tap water and heating, we grow our business by developing new products and innovating our existing product portfolio based on customer and market needs – not least when it comes to prefabricated solutions. Over time, we have succeeded in being first in the market with a vast number of Roth Original products.