Decent Work and Economic Growth

More progress is needed to increase employment opportunities and reduce labour market inequality. Thus, the focal point of goal 8 is to promote sustained, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all. This includes achieving higher levels of productivity through technological upgrade and innovation.

Roth strives to increase transparency in our supply chain and to be part of collaborations promoting sustainable transitions. We want to deliver growth and stable financial results, enabling us to keep innovating and creating solutions that are up to date with fast-paced technological developments. By achieving this, we can invest further in the development of future products supporting a sustainable transition.

As a proud family-owned organization, it is important that we ensure both fair and sustainable standards in relation to suppliers, customers, and our employees. Prospectively, we will use our Code of Conduct as a guideline for the values, rules, and principles for our behaviour and actions. This includes supporting a healthy work-life balance for our employees as well as our zero tolerance against any form of discrimination.

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